Vote Oster Bryan for State Assembly & Dymitra Etienne for District Leader in NYS 33rd Assembly District

On Thursday, September 13th, 2018, the state of New York will hold its state primaries. You can support grassroots by voting for Oster Bryan for the New York State’s 33rd Assembly District and Dymitra Etienne for District Leader for Part A of the 33rd Assembly District. Our community needs advocates to PUT OUR COMMUNITY FIRST!!!

Apart from serving as the First VP of CommUnity First (southeast queens activist group), Oster Bryan serves as a Civic Leader for the longest standing Civic Association in Southeast Queens. He holds leadership positions with a professional development organization in Southeast Queens, a Southeast Queens-based theater group, and the Green Ready Alternative Energy Program (GRAEP) (a STEM program for school aged children).

He was also honored to be an organizer for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March (Justice or Else) for Southeast Queens. Out of this endeavor, was created in conjunction with Josue Merisier. QueensBlackDollars serves as a business directory to encourage putting local talents to the service of local community.

Every Thursday, from 9pm to 11pm EST, he can be heard on, on “For The Black Of It” with Marcia Bois or “The Appeal” with Jonathan Logan and Jason Logan (on alternate weeks and both programs are produced by Sindy Ashby and engineered by Ra Williamz).

Oster Bryan attended Hillcrest High School, Baruch College, and Fordham University and holds a BBA and MBA in Finance. Additionally, he is currently employed as an adjunct professor with a Flushing-based institution. He can be reached by text or call at 347-433-6833, email at or via twitter @theozlife

Dymitra Etienne serves as Recording Secretary for CommUnity 1st. Ms. Etienne is Vice President of the board of Blanche Community Progress, a South Queens, childcare institution. She is Co-founder and Co-President of the Cambria Heights Neighbors, Friends and Families Association. Ms. Etienne served as a budget delegate for the City Council District 27 Participatory Budget committee for New York City. She also ran for Democratic county committee in electoral district 57 in 2012 and 2014. Ms. Etienne continues to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of people in her community through education on civics and by focusing on empowering women and children.

Dymitra Etienne earned a BA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the City University of New York at York College. And a Masters in Urban Policy from the New School for Public Engagement, Milano School of International Affairs, Urban Policy and Management. Currently, she works for a major managed care organization as a Senior Clinical Quality Analyst. She can be reached by email at or via twitter @DymitraE