Executive Board

Donnie McCoy Whitehead serves as President for CommUnity 1st. Donnie is a life long mentor and fighter for political  justice and race consciousness.

Oster G. Bryan serves as First Vice President for CommUnity 1st. He also serves as the current President of the St. Albans Civic Improvement Association, a Southeast Queens civic organization established in 1908 and Treasurer for Caribbean American Repertory Theater (CART), a Southeast Queens based performing arts not-for-profit. He is Co-President and Co-Founder of Cambria Heights Neighbors, Friends and Families Association (CHNFFA) community based neighborhood organization. Oster also hold membership in both Cambria Heights Civic Association and St. Albans Civic Association. Oster is a founding member of Cambria Heights Toastmasters Club. He has been an elected member of Queen County Committee for Election District 57 of the 33rd Assembly District since 2012. In addition, Oster serves as a 2014/2015 Participatory Budget facilitator for City Council District 27.

Oster Bryan earned a BBA in Finance from Baruch College and an MBA in Finance from Fordham University/ Peking University. He is an independent business consultant and he currently serves as an adjunct professor of business and finance at Long Island Business Institute in Flushing, Queens.

Ruth Campbell serves as Second Vice President for CommUnity 1st. She also serves as a member of Community Board 12. She served as the PS/IS 116 PTA Vice President and as a member of the PS/IS 116 School Leadership Team. She has been a reelected member of Queens County Committee member since 2010. Ruth also served as a national organizer for the “One Nation Working Together Rally” on October 2, 2010, also known as “10-2-10”. She has stood against the 2009 term limit violation for City Council and the Mayor’s office. In 2008, Ruth helped the Barack Obama Campaign win one of only two congressional districts in the state of New York in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

A true product of Queens, Ruth Campbell has a BA in Economics from St. Johns University, with a minor in Business Law. Prior to attending St. Johns, she attended Francis Lewis High School, IS 59 (under the tutelage of Dr. K’Tori) and PS 36.

Munir Avery, Esq. serves as Third Vice President for CommUnity 1st.

Christina Crocker serves as Treasurer for CommUnity 1st.

Dymitra Etienne serves as Recording Secretary for CommUnity 1st. Ms. Etienne is Vice President of the board of Blanche Community Progress, a South Queens, childcare institution. She is Co-founder and Co-President of the Cambria Heights Neighbors, Friends and Families Association. Ms. Etienne served as a budget delegate for the City Council District 27 Participatory Budget committee for New York City. She also ran for Democratic county committee in electoral district 57 in 2012 and 2014. Ms. Etienne continues to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of people in her community through education on civics and by focusing on empowering women and children.

Dymitra Etienne earned a BA in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the City University of New York at York College. And a Masters in Urban Policy from the New School for Public Engagement, Milano School of International Affairs, Urban Policy and Management. Currently she works for a major managed care organization as a Senior Clinical Quality Analyst.

Tamika Foster serves as Corresponding Secretary for CommUnity 1st.


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